“The foursome’s obvious camaraderie and playful willingness to mix things up onstage nonetheless belie the literally and figuratively heavy nature of Ramonda Hammer’s convulsive music.” – Falling James (LA Weekly)

“Devin Davis’ knotty, unguarded wail and Justin Geter’s distortion-heavy, brutally melodic riffs on tracks like the churning “Bender” and the breakneck “Care to Slam?” are like an alternate Nineties where L7 was the biggest band in the world” – Maura Johnston (Rolling Stone)

“At their loudest moments, Ramonda Hammer can melt a lot more than vinyl, but it’s their ability to mix Davis’ moodily introspective verse melodies with thunderous, anthemic, Nirvana-style choruses that make the local quartet…” – Falling James (LA Weekly)

“Aligned with contemporary punkers like Mannequin Pussy and Speedy Ortiz, while channeling ‘90s grunge and alt-rock bands like Hole and Veruca Salt, Los Angeles’s Ramonda Hammer is instantly identifiable thanks to a dark and moody edge of their own.” – Danielle Chelosky/Ethan Fixel (Kerrang!)

The band is keeping that momentum going today with their latest one-off single, “Big Hands,” which was produced by Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin. It’s an earnest hard-rock ballad split between soft verses and heavy choruses, detailing vocalist Devin Davis’ recent relationship woes. – Mike LeSuer (FLOOD)

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