Ramonda Hammer is a Los Angeles-based four-piece “steeped in the sounds of 90s alt-rock” (She Shreds). While the band’s blistering guitars and front-woman Devin Davis’s paint-peeling vocals recall past greats like Hole and contemporaries like Mannequin Pussy, “Ramonda Hammer is instantly identifiable thanks to a dark and moody edge of their own” (Kerrang!). 

Ramonda Hammer’s 2017 EP Destroyers, which Rolling Stone described as sounding like “an alternate Nineties where L7 was the biggest band in the world,” cemented them as a tentpole act in LA’s flourishing community of womxn- and queer-fronted bands. But Davis hasn’t done this alone. Alongside guitarist Justin Geter, bassist Andy Hengl, and drummer Mark Edwards, Ramonda Hammer put on a very high-energy live show full of raw emotion. In years following the release of Destroyers, the band toured the U.S. relentlessly while they worked diligently on their debut full-length record I Never Wanted Company.

In 2019, Ramonda Hammer released their searing and powerful debut LP I Never Wanted Company. During the making of this album, Davis took a hard look at her struggles between despairing in loneliness and embracing her independence. The results of this self-reflection yielded a bruising and cathartic yet, ultimately therapeutic album which was brought to life with the help of producer Alex Newport (At The Drive In, Bloc Party).

Prior to the shutdown that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, the future was looking bright for Ramonda Hammer. INWC‘s lead single “Hoax” debuted as the main title theme for comedian Bill Burr‘s Comedy Central show Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers, and Ramonda Hammer began touring with Portland’s alt-rockers Summer Cannibals, which included a stop at Noise Pop 2020 in February.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Ramonda Hammer partnered with Sarah Tudzin of illuminat hotties to record  “Big Hands.”  The “Big Hands” sessions quickly developed into the beginning of a strong musical relationship between Tudzin and RH. Together, they are currently working on a full-length record, Ramonda Hammer’s follow-up to I Never Wanted Company., which the first single “All For What” is out now! Watch this space for more from Ramonda Hammer…

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